“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it”

• Where should commercial- and industrial uses be allowed to
• What about development along the Muskegon River?
• How can the rural character of the Township be preserved?
• What are the major issues facing the Township?
• What are the Township’s strengths and opportunities to build
• How can new businesses be attracted to the Township?

If any of these questions are of concern to you, then join us for a workshop to help update the
Master Plan for Mecosta Township.
Master Plan Community Workshop
Thursday, June 23, 2022, 5:00 pm
Mecosta Township
19729 11 Mile Rd
Big Rapids, MI 49307

Section 31 of the’ 2008 Planning Enabling Act says,” A Planning Commission shall make
and approve a Master Plan as a guide for development.” This document will set forth a vision
for how the Township will develop in the coming years and how to achieve that vision.
The Mecosta Township Board of Trustees and Planning Commission have begun the process
of updating the Master Plan for the Township. We are asking for your help in preparing the
Master Plan so it can reflect the values of the people of Mecosta Township. A community
workshop is being held so you can contribute your ideas in an organized “sit around the table”
format which will give everyone who attends a chance to share their concerns, ideas, and
opinions about the future of the Township.

Meat plater with vegetables will be served.
If you cannot attend, please feel free to write us with your comments.
Sponsored by the Mecosta Township Board of Trustees and Planning Commission.